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Cloudesley gives grants to address poverty and ill health, including mental ill health and disability, and to the Anglican churches of Islington.

We are able to award grants to people and organisations within our “area of benefit”, what was the Ancient parish of St Mary, Islington and is now the present London Borough of Islington excluding areas south of Chapel Market and City Road. It is the area shown within the dotted red line on this map.

We give Health Grants to local organisations working with people who are poor and in ill health.

We give Welfare Grants to local individuals who are in poverty and ill-health.

We give Church Grants to the Church of England Churches in the ancient parish of St Mary, Islington, and St Silas.

The Charity was endowed by the will of Richard Cloudesley made on 13 January 1517 and for nearly 500 years has worked to carry out his original intentions, which were to serve the churches and medical needs of people in the Ancient Parish of Islington.  Read more about Cloudesley and the work we do today.